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At Atlanta’s Best Concierge & Errand Services we know what it’s like to have so many things to do every day, you just wish you had a little more help. We are here to take care of anything from personal shopping and courier services, to senior companionship including trips to appointments and social events. We also offer home management care including light housekeeping, mail and bill management, wardrobe organization, travel arrangements, data entry, and more. Let us give you the dependable extra set of hands that you and your family need at an affordable price. Our family friendly, professional and reliable staff is looking forward to helping you!

Why Use A Concierge?

When people think of a Concierge, they generally picture a person working in a hotel, or someone catering to the very wealthy. In today's modern, mobile culture, the need and cost effectiveness of concierge services applies to people from many walks of life. Modern working families and employers can leverage the skills of a Concierge to streamline their lives and create more energy to be used for work and family time. Letting a Concierge see to the more time consuming tasks in your life, gives you not only extra time, but the peace of mind in knowing that everything has been taken care of. The Concierge acts as an errand runner, personal assistant, and planner - Always there to help out and make life easier, less stressful, and more enjoyable.  If you can imagine the benefits of having extra time for work and pleasure, you should contact Atlanta's Best Concierge & Errand Services LLC to see how they can help.

By Jenny Schmeisser Deluxe Concierge

Reviews From Our Clients

Life Saver

We really needed help around the office and found Atlanta's Best Concierge & Errand Services. We signed up for the VIP membership package and lets just say they really are the best!!! 

-Flagrant Take


We are a very busy family and it seemed like between the two of us and even grandparents, we still weren't able to get everything done during the week. We were so stressed and overwhelmed. We decided to look for help and came across Atlanta's Best Concierge & Errand Services, and now we can't get enough of them!! Hiring them and buying the membership package has taken so much stress off of all of us and we have even gained some new family members!! Best decision we made!!!  -The Robinsons

So Happy!!!

I called and didnt even give a 24 hour notice, and was so pleased with the service from my first conversation with Devin! No job was too big or too small for her. I have referred everyone I know that could benefit from this company. 

-Mrs. B. Johnson